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The Awards will be of great benefit lớn the winners in terms of research upgrading, investment & financing, & sale và branding.

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The Green Building100 Awards will serve sầu as a key lever for branding and resource integration, bringing together the world’s leading networking & investment funds in the green building industry, & bringing together cutting-edge international green building technologies lớn build the world’s green building brand.

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The award focuses on the field of green building and clean technology, including renewable energy, green community & urban infrastructure support (such as system technology, materials, general công nghệ, etc.); the nomination is mainly based on project partner nomination & online application.

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The Green Building 100 Grand Prize is awarded to lớn 100 companies & organizations in the following categories:


Green Building Material Gr& Prize


Sustainable Construction & Community Grand…


Renewable Energy Grvà Prize


Recycling Economy Grvà Prize


Honorary Academy Award & Lifetime…

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology, Renewable energy

Dr. John (Jianyue) SHEN

Member of executive sầu presidium of Green Building 100 Awards

Green building, Ultra-low Energy Consumption Building

Mr. Lu Qiu

Member of executive presidium of Green Building 100 Awards

Circular economy, Environmental Protection Engineering

Dr. David (Dapei) Lu

Member of executive sầu presidium of Green Building 100 Awards

Green building

Invitations are pending

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Green building, Renewable energy

Invitations are pending

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The first Green Building 100 Awards 2020/21 will be held in the khung of global partners’ nominations và online applications from enterprises and organizations. Project partners include relevant industry associations, industrial parks, scientific retìm kiếm and investment and financing institutions. The main criteria for nominating candidates for the Green Building 100 Awards include scientific indicators và contributions lớn innovative technologies và processes in the relevant fields.

全球协同共享基金会 (Global Collaborative sầu Sharing Foundation)

绿色卫士(金融科技)实验室温哥华总部 (GreenGuard Labs/Vancouver)

Office Address : Solo District Tower II, 900-2025 Willingdon Ave, Burnaby(Great Vancouver),BC, V5C 0J3, Canadomain authority.

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Office Phone : 1-604-506-7681 (Representative sầu number)

The Green Building 100 Awards program is an initiative of the GCSF Foundation & the GreenGuard Alliance at their headquarters in Vancouver, Canadomain authority. The aim of the program is khổng lồ create conditions conducive to the dissemination of innovative technologies và processes with transformative sầu potential in the areas of green building materials and construction, renewable energy and the circular economy, and to lớn promote the development of innovative green building, green energy and sustainable technologies and processes that can make a significant contribution to the global response to extreme climate and environmental change. Contribution. The program holds the annual “Green Building 100 Awards” for technology, process and contribution.