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Harvest Moon: Baông xã khổng lồ Nature, the first tiel of the HM series to be released on the playstation & an absolute classic when it comes to the ‘cozy gaming’ niđậy. Here, you can expect khổng lồ play a well-designed, thoroughly thought-out title that takes its place near the pinnacle of farm life games. There’s a little more lớn this title than just working the lvà, however, so if you’re looking for a peaceful life simulator away from the maddening crowds then this is definitely going lớn be near the top of the danh sách for suggestions. Let’s get into lớn it.


The gameplay in this title is pretty simple. You start up & it asks you khổng lồ enter a name và date of birth, you can name your dog too so this game is already 10/10. While on your farm, you are allotted a decent amount of space lớn turn the lvà và grow crops, flowers, or just grass.


You will also be able khổng lồ have a chicken coop, a barn for your sheep and cows, a stable for your horse, a fish pond và, finally, an táo khuyết tree. This game shares definite similarities with Stardew Valley, Fantasy Farming, and even Animal Crossing.

Your goal is khổng lồ work the lvà. Check up on the animals, keep the flowers or crops growing và make sure that everything is happy và healthy. This takes up the majority of your time but there is a lot more lớn the game than just this. This is, after all, a life simulator.

You can get married! That’s right, you can find one of the local girls and woo her khổng lồ become your beloved. Figure out what things she likes và surprise her with gifts & treats until she returns your affection. There are five girls lớn piông chồng from và whichever one you don’t piông xã will be snatched up by someone else so make sure you’re committed. You can have a kid & then live out the rest of time caught in a picture-perfect moment of a life that is unrealistically blissful và easy.


The story of the title is the same as all the others, really. Your grandfather passes away, as they tkết thúc to bởi vì, và leaves you with a farm lớn carry on his land-tending legacy. The catch is that the townsfolk don’t let you fully inherit the farm. You must return it to its former glory in three years or the deal is off. Not something I’m sure they have sầu the power lớn enforce but okay.

At the end of the three years, Mayor Thomas will come to check on the farm và decide whether or not the player will keep the farm.


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Art Style

The art style is simple but charming. Colorful and easy khổng lồ follow, I find it khổng lồ be a surprisingly relaxing game to lớn play và it always fills me with a chất lượng sense of simple joy. Just do your best to ignore the fact everyone looks lượt thích children.


A simple but straightforward game. If you are looking for something that you can really sink your teeth into, this is a great choice.


Great gameplayLots of choices khổng lồ keep each run unique


Everyone looks a little young and it can take you out of it
reggie posted a review

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Overall rating: 9