There has been an alarming lack of Japanese giant robot games overseas. In an era where Armored Core và Front Mission have vanished, these types of games haven’t seen English versions in recent years… until now. Bandai Namco has begun releasing several of their titles throughout southeast Asian markets in English, including the next entry in the highly-acclaimed Super Robot Wars series - Super Robot Wars OG: The Moon Dwellers.

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There're problems with the English script. A lot of them.
Since this was the first time in a long while that a SRW game saw an English release, I was very curious to lớn see how well the localization held up. The results are disappointing.

On đứng top of the common spelling and grammatical errors, there is no consistency to a lot of its errors. A character’s name may be correct for story scenes, but have their names misspelled in title cards for stages. The character and mech profiles in the in-game library are riddled with typos và awkward phrasing.

There’s no sense of flow in the dialogue; it is very much a straight-laced translation - I even dare to say that there’s a good chance a machine translation program was used at some points & was left unedited.

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Even story scenes have a dry tone lớn them; there’s a dissonance between a character’s personality & what is actually being written. I feel that there’s a lot of room for improvement to lớn characterize the cast with the script, especially since story scenes aren’t voiced. I understand that it may be technically more in-line with the syntax of the original Japanese text, but it’s particularly not faithful to lớn the characters sounding more naturally true to their individuality.

I vì chưng find it praiseworthy to lớn the localization team that they were able to release this English version in just about a month of its Japanese release. SRW games have massive scripts from all the dialogue in battles, story scenes, libraries, descriptions, & other numerous miscellaneous items. It may have been a good idea lớn perhaps push back the release slightly for another editing run.

Having a new SRW game entirely in English, despite its faults, is still an impressive feat nonetheless. The English script is certainly messy, but it beats being able lớn understand 100% of the story rather than just partial bits & pieces of it.

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Super Robot Wars OG: The Moon Dwellers is one awesome game. Boasting roughly 50-80 hours of chơi game and a New Game+ mode to see the events of the other route along with finding secrets, this is a trò chơi that will keep players busy for awhile. Its story starts slow, but quickly becomes compelling and its battle animations are still some of the best ones in the industry. Newcomers will be downright awed at the amount of nội dung in the game and veterans will still have a great time with it.