Worlds 2017: Skt T1 Vs Samsung Galaxy Finals Preview,Prediction & Live Stream


The 2017 World Championship culminates with a clash of SKT T1 & Samsung Galaxy! Can SSG upmix SKT’s legacy? Who walks away champion?

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Despite countless comments on SKT’s recent sluggish khung, this is still the best team in the world. With strong players in every single position, this lineup has time & time again proven that it can—& will—overcome the direst of situations khổng lồ clinch the win. And even though their early game leaves a lot to lớn be desired, they pull through with immaculate play in the later stages of the game.

The phrase ‘cool, calm, & collected’ fits Samsung to a tee. Even though many of their players have been in the top 3 for their respective sầu positions, SSG value teamwork & synergy above all else. Their intricate strategies revolve around taking the slighchạy thử lead và gradually snowballing it inkhổng lồ a gargantuan advantage. is supported by its audience. When you purchasethrough liên kết on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.Learn more

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