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run the gauntlet

To be exposed to or forced lớn endure a series of threats, dangers, criticism, or other problems. Refers to lớn an old military punishment in which one was forced to run between two lines of soldiers while being thrashed with rods or whips. Medical students often feel that they have khổng lồ run the gauntlet when they become residents in a hospital. The director has been running the gauntlet of fans" outrage following the release of his lademo film.See also: gauntlet, run

run the gauntlet


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Lit. to race, as a punishment, between parallel lines of men who thrash one as one runs. The knight was forced khổng lồ doff his clothes and run the gauntlet. 2.

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and run the gauntlet of something Fig. to lớn endure a series of problems, threats, or criticism. After the play, the director found himself running the gauntlet of questions & doubts about his ability.See also: gauntlet, run

run the gauntlet

Be exposed to danger, criticism, or other adversity, as in After he was misquoted in the interview, he knew he would have lớn run the gauntlet of his colleagues" anger . This term, dating from the first half of the 1600s, comes from the word gantlope, which itself comes from the Swedish word gatlopp, for "lane-course." It referred to lớn a size of military punishment where a man ran between two rows of soldiers who struông xã hyên with sticks or knotted ropes. Almost as soon as gantlope appeared, it was replaced by gauntlet. The word was being used figuratively for other kinds of punishment by 1661, when Joseph Glanvill wrote, "To print, is lớn run the gantlet, và to lớn expose oneself lớn the tongues strapado" ( The Vanity of Dogmatizing, or Confidence in Opinion). See also: gauntlet, run

run the gauntlet of something/someone

COMMON If you run the gauntlet of a difficult situation, especially one in which many people insult, question or attaông chồng you, you experience it. Note: Gauntlets are long thichồng gloves which protect your hands, wrists, và forearms. He had khổng lồ run the gauntlet of photographers và journalists outside the High Court. They ran the gauntlet of angry demonstrators. She left the court but not before she had run the gauntlet of threats & abuse. Note: `Gatlopp" is a Swedish word meaning `lane run". The `gatlopp" was a Swedish military punishment that came inkhổng lồ comtháng use in Englvà during the Thirty Years" War (1618-48). The victyên ổn had to run between two rows of soldiers who would whip or beat them. In England, the unfamiliar Swedish word `gatlopp" was replaced by the more familiar English word `gauntlet". See also: gauntlet, of, run, someone, something

run the gauntlet

go through an intimidating or dangerous crowd, place, or experience in order to reach a goal. This phrase alludes khổng lồ the former military practice of punishing a wrongdoer by forcing hyên ổn lớn run between two lines of men armed with sticks, who beat hyên as he passed. Gauntlet here has nothing to lớn do with a glove sầu, but is a version of an earlier word gantlope , itself taken from Swedish gatloppe , which meant ‘lane course’.See also: gauntlet, run

run the ˈgauntlet

be attacked or criticized by many people at the same time: The Prime Minister’s oto had khổng lồ run the gauntlet of a large group of protesters outside the conference hall.This phrase refers khổng lồ an old army punishment where a man was forced to run between two lines of soldiers hitting hyên ổn.See also: gauntlet, run

run the gauntlet, to

To be exposed khổng lồ a course of danger, trying conditions, or criticism. The term originated in the seventeenth century, when the Germans adopted this military punishment from the Swedes. It consisted of stripping a man to the waist and making hyên run between two rows of soldiers, who struông chồng hyên ổn with sticks or knotted cords. The passage he ran was gatloppe in Swedish & gantloppe or gantlope in German. It was adopted as a civilian punishment in the American colonies and was spelled gantlet or gauntlet. “They have run the gauntlet of the years,” wrote Oliver Wendell Holmes (The Autocrat of the Breakfast-Table, 1858).See also: runSee also:

run the gauntlet

face a hard demo or painful experience He had to lớn run the gauntlet of many interviews before he got the job.

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run the gauntlet|gantlet|gauntlet|run

v. phr. 1. To be made lớn run between two lines of people facing each other & be hit by them with clubs or other weapons. Joe had lớn run the gauntlet as part of his initiation into the club. 2. To face a hard test; bear a painful experience. Ginny had to lớn run the gauntlet of her mother"s questions about how the ink spot got on the dining room rug.
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