--NEWS FEED------------------------------------------------------------------21.08.2022 - 2021-22 patch (v1.4) released : Link04.04.2022 - 2021-22 patch (v1.3) released : Link14.03.2022 - 2021-22 patch (v1.2) - Error(s): Link06.03.2022 - 2021-22 patch (v1.2) released : Link01.02.2022 - 2021-22 patch (v1.1.1) released : Link31.01.2022 - 2021-22 patch (v1.1.1) - Patch-notes : Link17.01.2022 - 2021-22 patch (v1.1) - Error(s): Link16.01.2022 - 2021-22 patch (v1.1) released: Link21.12.2021 - 2021-22 patch (v1.0) reuploaded : Link15.11.2021 - 2021-22 patch (v1.0) released : Link---------------------------------------------------------------------------------This patch is based on FIFA 22, and will "update" FIFA 11 khổng lồ the 2021-22 seasonThe squads (player stats, team tactics, ...) are exactly same as the FIFA 22 ea" squad updatesgraphics (kits, shoes, ...) are mostly from fifa 22; combined with files from FIFA 10 (XBOX360), FIFA online 3/4 và modsThe most important thing of the patch is that it wont give errors when you play online:- garanteed no missing heads- No missing textures (boots, GK gloves, addboards)this patch is completely free,only thing I ask u: if u like it tell others about it
;Download links:
- Patch: (*1)- 2021-22 Patch (v1.0): Link- 2021-22 Patch (v1.1): Link- 2021-22 Patch (v1.2): Link- 2021-22 Patch (v1.3): Link- 2021-22 Patch (v1.4): Link- Add-ons : (*2)--> download here: links

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(*1) Patch:"main" 2021-22 patchrecommended to install until latest version--> Install instruction see under(*2) Add-ons:additional files/patches for who wants them installed besides the "main" 2021-22 patches(instructions included)--> các mục can also be found at included Updater toolSites:Play online (FREE - gameranger) --> http://www.gameranger.com/FIFA 11 Online Tournaments --> http://tournaments4moneyngifts.net/Features:--> http://shirohada.com.vn/index.php?threads/2021-22-patch-for-fifa-11-tokke001.6469908/post-6668278Installation:1. Install fifa 112. Install ea patch (1.01)3. Install 2021-22 patch (v1.0)* run installer "Installer (part 1 of 4).exe"* run installer "Installer (part 2 of 4).exe"* run installer "Installer (part 3 of 4).exe"* run installer "Installer (part 4 of 4).exe"4.

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Install 2021-22 patch (v1.1)
* run installer "Installer.exe"5. Install 2021-22 patch (v1.2)* run installer "Installer.exe"6. Install 2021-22 patch (v1.3)* run installer "Installer.exe"7. Install 2021-22 patch (v1.4)* run installer "Installer.exe"8. Apply new Squads* xuất hiện Selector > Select database > ONLINE version / OFFLINE version > Apply Database* "Done"Notes- Install v1.0 on clean version of FIFA 11: Link- problems with commentaries (crashes, not appearing ingame, ...): LinkFAQwich patch version i have installed?Selector > about > "FIFA 11 2021-22 patch version: ..."wich patches I need (in wich order)use updater:selector > about > Update ...* will tell when there are new patches avaible,* và wich version lớn install firstTeam: tokke001, chimia.braila, Mehmet Nazirov, liv_tyler, sumanrbr, matic7, tennyutza, The Wizard, Axej, IRPT, Erevos, dissectionalone, EmilianoVidela, luca77, vigil (fifamania.it), cosicasteph (fifafrance), ManUtdFan20, Fidel Gameplay, GG90, ariseq, shR, KL007, Dramacydal, Darkhan, FCFan95, Anamorph, Philastro67, Uomomagnetico, Ivansoto18, Christophe83460, xuskan, edyson, Behnamk, Patrichios, SIA Bouncer, nabo78, crosbrilliant, seldom, ElCrusado, santiagoalvarez, Ellhnas, box-to-box, diazjesux, luiz_fer, robmar85, scouser09, V.K, eddyedwards1075, Nikhit, pao4ever, pillowbiter, john_shadow8, mrBear1991, elnino13, _nice, Wiljams35, Gogo23, 127, Maxwell19, JoaoVicente36, hilio1993, Dmitri, AiO, Arthur_Viana, mita996, chesfunk, support from the forum, ...