Anime, a type of animation that originated in Japan, consists of shows & movies usually based on either preexisting mangas or light novels. With anime, one thing that”s for certain is that there”s never a shortage of shows to lớn watch. Everyone has their favorites, whether it”s Attachồng on Tirã, Akira, Cowboy Bebop, or anything from the huge variety of genres. And one super popular series is No trò chơi No Life, based on the light novel of the same name by Yū Kamiya. 

The show is about two step-siblings named Sora and Shiro who, along with a group of unbeatable gamers, mix out to lớn find and defeat the god of games và take over his throne. A god named Tet challenges them to a game of chess, và surprisingly, they win. As a reward, the god offers khổng lồ sover them to a world called Disboard, where all issues are settled with games. They say yes, thinking it”s a joke, and as you can imagine, the trouble starts from there. The light novel series began in 2012 & has been extremely popular, with the author, và his wife Mashiro Hiiragi, adapting it into lớn a manga series the next year. Not long after that, a Japanese animation studio called Madhouse produced the anime television adaptation. 

The anime No trò chơi No Life aired its first season in 2014, & ended on a huge cliffhanger. Of course, fans of the show clamored for a second season of the anime series.

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Now six years later, a new season still hasn”t been released. But will there ever be a season 2 of No trò chơi No Life, someday?

MadhouseFollowing the story from the manga và light novel series, the anime of No trò chơi No Life showcases Sora và Shiro and their battle against the god of games. With only 12 episodes, the show doesn”t cover the whole story, and there”s a lot left of the step-siblings” adventures to be told. Season 1 introduces the world of Disboard and a tournament being held in this world to decide the next ruler of games. While Sora and Shiro are able lớn defeat Tet, there are still many various plot lines left unfinished & other questions that need to be answered. 

The first season was extremely successful, but after its release, there was no word as khổng lồ whether or not a second season would be coming. Although it”s been over six years since the anime No Game No Life was released, fans have sầu good reason to believe sầu a second season is still possible. The show was very popular during its initial release, but even now, the amount of fans of No Game No Life is only growing. The series is available lớn stream on Netflix, Hulu (with a premium subscription), Crunchyroll, và a few other places. More và more people are seeing the anime and talking about it, bringing more intrigue inkhổng lồ the possibility of a season 2. With Netflix heavily pursuing anime series & creating their own, many fans are also pushing for the streaming platform to lớn produce another season.

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MadhouseAlthough there has been no season 2 for No trò chơi No Life, a prequel movie called No Game No Life: Zero was released in 2017. The film is based on the sixth volume of the light novel series & produced by Madhouse, the same studio that did the 2014 anime series. Set 6000 years before the events of No trò chơi No Life, the film focuses on a man named Riku, the leader of humanity”s last group of survivors in Disboard, who must team up with a powerful Ex-Machimãng cầu android named Schwi lớn save his race from extinction.

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The film got relatively good Reviews, with some saying that No Game No Life: Zero is an enjoyable experience for people who were fans of the franchise & had seen the original anime — but it is quite confusing for newcomers. Others praised the movie for its original perspective sầu on the material, with Kyên Morrissy of Anime News Network saying that No Game No Life: Zero “takes all the interesting themes of the original TV series và peels away all the fanservice and frivolities, resulting in a tonally different narrative that outdoes the original in almost every respect.” Looking at the positive response lớn the prequel film, it”s clear that the No trò chơi No Life fanbase is still thriving, and there are many different directions the series could go in the future. 

MadhouseThere are likely a few reasons why a season 2 of the anime has not been released yet — và might never come out. Mainly, there is a controversy surrounding the original light novel series and its author, as Kamiya faced allegations of plagiarism in năm trước, right around the time the first season of the anime was released. 

Other creators claimed that Kamiya traced over their work for his characters, essentially stealing their designs. The Storify News Times stated that “Kamiya apologized lớn the artists and even paid them for the work he used,” và that the controversy negatively affected the plans for No trò chơi No Life season 2. On top of that, the TV series also received accusations of plagiarism. According lớn SG Cafe, a Japanese illustrator claimed that a design in episode 7 of the series copied his original work, and the team behind the show apologized. Some people believe that as a result of these conflicts, Madhouse decided to step away from the series and pursue other projects. 

Despite all of this, there have never been any official statements about the show”s future, but studtiện ích ios very rarely announce that an anime has been cancelled even if they never intover on continuing it. Because of this, fans continue lớn keep their hopes up that No Game No Life could come baông xã. With so much great material & an already huge fanbase, it seems like a waste not to lớn take advantage of it và keep the story going. Fans will just have sầu lớn keep waiting and see.