It’s a-me! Mario! Niông xã said he’s too lazy lớn write an intro! But he reviewed New Super Mario Bros. Wii và you can read that after the jump! There’s also a neat-o video nhận xét, too! Woo hoo!

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New Super Mario Bros. Wii (Wii)Developer: NintendoPublisher: NintendoMSRP: $49.99

If you’re a người of Super Mario Bros. 3 or Super Mario World (& who isn’t?), take note — New Super Mario Bros. Wii is your jam.

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The game brings Mario & gang baông chồng lớn the side-scrolling roots of the series, across eight all new worlds, this time either alone or with up lớn three friends. But while that’s the game’s new “gimmichồng,” per se — Nintenvì chưng has tried khổng lồ position this as an innovation — the core of the series remains intact. While some changes have been made khổng lồ how you play the game (mostly in the use of the Wii Remote’s motion controls), anyone who has played a side-scrolling Mario title will feel immediately at home page.

New Super Mario Bros. Wii offers up two control schemes — Wii Remote and Nunchuk, or the Wii Remote alone in the sideways fashion of a traditional controller. While the former option works as well as you’d expect, there’s little reason khổng lồ pull out your Nunchuk và plug it in — holding the Wii Remote sideways is definitely the preferable method of play here, as it mimics the feel of an NES control. (Since I played this way almost exclusively, controls I describe later refer to lớn this scheme; they’re slightly different for the Remote/Nunchuk bộ combo.) For the most part, muscle memory is going to kiông xã into gear immediately for veterans — the d-pad moves, và the “1” & “2” buttons will “dash” và “jump” respectively. It’s a simple control scheme, designed for a game in 1985, which works & feels surprisingly fresh and fun even today.


But it wouldn’t be a Wii title without some motion control, and New Super Mario Bros. introduces some light tilting và waggling lớn spice things up. This shake và waggle doesn’t really get in the way of playing, with one exception — having to press a button và shake the remote lớn piông xã up objects & enemies. I found it lớn feel awkward and bit a unwieldy, especially in “high pressure” situations where I had to navigate platforms and pichồng up objects at the same time.

It’s a small complaint, và fortunately not one that takes away from the game. In fact, most of the motion control additions feel natural and add to lớn the fun. Shaking the Wii Remote will cause Mario to bởi vì a spin jump into the air, or spin on his way down from a jump. In some areas, the Wii Remote has lớn be tilted in order to lớn manipulate an environmental object, lượt thích a lift. One of the game’s new suit power-ups, the Propeller Suit, is used by shaking the Wii Remote which will cause you rocket jump straight up in the air, allowing you to access new areas, coins, & power-ups.

Speaking of power-ups và suits, New Super Mario Bros. brings the usual suspects along for the ride (mushrooms, fire flowers, etc.), but also add a few new ones lớn the mix. And yes, they’re as awesome and useful in gameplay as you’d expect. In addition to the aforementioned Propeller Suit, Ice Flowers & Penguin Suits are also spread about the game.


The Ice Flower acts exactly lượt thích a Fire Flower, và does exactly what you’d expect — the ice balls will freeze enemies in blocks of ice. The blocks of ice can be used as weapons (by picking them up & tossing them), or can be used lớn reach new areas. The Penguin Suit will allow you khổng lồ move faster & more freely in water, and stabilize you on ice, as well as throw ice fireballs. The suit’s belly slide is also particularly neat — you can run, hop, và then slide across a cấp độ khổng lồ take out enemies or even gain enough momentum to hit a ramp và access tough-to-reach areas. All of the game’s new power up are welcome additions to the arsenal already found in Mario games, and are as endearing (if not even more useful) than some of the suits found in previous games.

The game features eight worlds lớn complete, which are laid out in a similar fashion to that found in Super Mario World or Super Mario Bros. 3. Some stages have alternate flag poles which can lead khổng lồ different paths, unlocking even more challenges và collectibles. As reported, the game is a bit more difficult than Mario’s last side-scrolling adventure, New Super Mario Bros. DS.

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But it’s certainly not brutal — experience Mario players will have to lớn contend with plenty of tricky spots (which pop up around World 6), but won’t ever find themselves in need of the much-talked-about “Super Guide.” Only novice players will have lớn rely on these in-game “walkthroughs,” which is a nice feature to help them get through the hard & get lớn the fun… & there’s plenty of that to lớn be had in New Super Mario Bros. Wii, for sure.


While the entire game can be played as solo Mario, this is the first Mario game that will allow you to lớn play cooperatively with up to four players. Whether or not this is a blast or completely frustrating is mostly up to the player and his or her partners. In some cases, four players on the screen makes the game slightly more difficult. The camera will pan baông chồng, & it’s easy to lớn thất bại yourself, or accidentally bump a player on the head and knochồng hlặng or her inkhổng lồ a bottomless pit or an enemy. Of course, this can be done intentionally (which can lend to a lot of laughs), but more often than not it’s simply a product of too many cooks in the kitchen at once.

The good news is it’s actually more difficult khổng lồ die when playing with multiple players; as long as one player remains, those who failed will return in a bubble that, once popped, will get them right baông chồng into lớn the game. Because of this, dying won’t necessarily sover you back to lớn the beginning of the stage or lớn the last checkpoint… it may actually be easier to lớn get through a level because of this.

All in all, it’s actually a lot of fun lớn play with three friends, and it truly does feel like a completely new experience as opposed to simply running through the levels alone. Despite some frustrations and arguments that may break out because of accidental kills or “power-up stealing,” most of the shouting between players should be lighthearted và fun.


It’s likely you’ll laugh more và smile more when playing with friends — even if they accidentally (so they say!) stomped your head & knocked you into a Goomba. It’s not for everyone, though — some players will prefer lớn stiông chồng to the solo game. My wife, for instance, actually disliked playing cooperatively — she found it difficult to lớn focus, preferring rather to go it solo. To each her own, but it should be said that the overwhelming response khổng lồ cooperative sầu play in New Super Mario Bros. Wii is positive sầu.

Players not interested in this hippie, hand-holding cooperative sầu crap have their own modes, including the competitive “Coin Battle” mode. A take on the classic Mario Bros. game, this mode has players making a mad dash through levels khổng lồ collect as many coins as possible. Totals are tallied at the end of the stage, & the player with the most coins win. Unsurprisingly, “Coin Battles” are hectic và fun, a nice addition to lớn the game’s “story” experience, and absolutely perfect for các buổi party situations.

Outside of the cooperative play, the new worlds, & new power-ups, the game really doesn’t offer anything truly quality lớn the series. Nintendo made some creative sầu choices, but basically played it safe, & who can blame them? When you have sầu honed such a successful và solid formula, there’s little reason lớn deviate too far from it. And New Super Mario Bros. Wii doesn’t… but that doesn’t mean it’s not a must-have for Mario fans and Wii owners. It also easily ranks aước ao the best in the series, certainly offering more challenge and nội dung than New Super Mario Bros. DS.

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Despite being feeling and looking somewhat familiar (which is definitely a positive in this case), New Super Mario Bros. Wii is one of your safest & best bet on the Wii this year.