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Vietnamese jailed for entering Singapore under false identity

news |305184319

She used to come with her real identity several times years ago.


New entity set up to manage Vietnam government stakes in companies

companies |169964336

A committee has been set up to manage the government’s stakes of more than $43 billion in companies.


North Korea, Malaysia in tit-for-tat exit bans over Kim killing

world |88864356

The developments marked a dramatic heightening of tensions three weeks after the assassination of Kim Jong-Nam.


Philippines" Duterte warns US of "tit-for-tat" response

world |88854353

"Bye bye America," said Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte.

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Vietnam gov’t agencies on the mat in Mobifone TV deal

news |80594358

Three ministries and the Government Office are under scrutiny for violations in an illegal acquisition by telco giant Mobifone.

100-year-old mat making village in south Vietnam still going strong

travel-life |80574363

Taking lots of time and effort, the people in this village is keeping the handcrafting mats alive.

Pu Mat biosphere reserve to charge entry fees

places |80564356

The Pu Mat National Park will start collecting entrance fees for several locations to help maintain the biosphere.

Mobile users cringe at new photo ID requirements in Vietnam

business |78414366

Many subscribers say they have already provided copies of their ID cards, so why is the new regulation necessary?

Vietnamese researcher shows iPhone X face ID "hack"

business |78404375

This is the first reported case of researchers apparently being able to fool the Face ID software and Apple has still declined to comment.

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All Vietnamese to get new 12-digit ID number at birth from 2020

news |78394369

As part of efforts to digitize citizens’ information to simplify administrative procedures, Vietnam is providing personal ID numbers to newborns.