Avengers Endgame: 'I Love You 3000' Meme Meaning Explained


Avengers: Endgame's most iconic line wasn't even in the script - and it was all thanks khổng lồ Robert Downey Jr.

Ever since Avengers: Endgame was released, the internet has been collectively sobbing over the stand-out moment involving Tony Stark & the now-iconic line "I love sầu you 3000."

For weeks, fans have been trying khổng lồ figure out what the phrase means and there was even speculation that it could have sầu a deeper meaning that liên kết lớn the run-time of all the movies in the MCU.

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Now, the true meaning behind the line has been revealed and it's gonna break your heart even more. Just like Avengers: Infinity War's heartbreaking stand-out line that was improvised by Tom Holl&, Endgame's most iconic line was also not even scripted... it came as a suggestion from Robert Downey Jr himself.

The spoiler ban for Avengers: Endgame has now been lifted but as always, there will be major Endgame spoilers in this article. You've been warned!

What does "I Love sầu You 3000" mean?

Robert Downey Jr. is the reason why Morgan Stark says "I love sầu you 3000". Picture: Marvel Studtiện ích ios, Alberto E. Rodriguez / Stringer

In the scene, which you'll have no doubt seen by now, Tony Stark puts his daughter Morgan (Lexi Rabe) khổng lồ bed.

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Just before he closes the door, he says "I love sầu you tons," & Morgan replies, "I love sầu you 3000." The line is also spoken again, by Tony's hologram khổng lồ Morgan at his funeral.

Within days of release, the quote became an immediate fan favourite moment và sort of became the MCU fandom's mantra. The stars of the film even began hash-tagging it as a way of thanking their fans & saying goodbye to lớn the kết thúc of the chapter.

Several explanations for the line started doing the rounds, some thought it was a child-genius reply khổng lồ Tony's initial remark, as 3000 is 1000 more than the 2000 pounds that is equivalent lớn a ton. There was even those who thought that the number 3000 was a reference khổng lồ the total run-time of every movie in the MCU.

But in reality, it wasn't actually that deep - & it wasn't written by screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely either.

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can you believe the "i love you 3,000" line that people have sầu been saying non stop since endgame came out was actually brought lớn the movie because of rdj? his children actually say that lớn hlặng irl và it just makes the line even more meaningful than before

— ⎊ saw endgame (

Co-director Anthony Russo told Watching Hollywood: "That line is actually something Robert brought to lớn the film. He said that one of his children once told hlặng, 'I love you 3000.' We told the story to the screenwriters, and eventually it became a line in the script."

Originally, the line was supposed lớn be: "I love you tons," with "I love sầu you tons," as Morgan's reply. But McFeely revealed at an sự kiện in Thành Phố New York City, that they changed it so Morgan would reply in the same way that RDJ's children do in real life.