You may have sầu heard the term "inbound" before — but what is it, exactly? Inbound is a methodology for growing your organization. It’s based on building meaningful, lasting relationships with your prospects & customers through valuable content and experiences, and empowering people lớn reach their goals at any stage in their journey with you. Because when your customers succeed, you succeed.The CRM platkhung is a full suite of software built khổng lồ power this inbound approach khổng lồ help you — and your customers — grow better.Let"s look at how your sale, sales, service, và operations teams can leverage the platform khổng lồ achieve their goals.

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Marketing, sales, service, và operations teams collaborate khổng lồ remove friction in the buyer’s journey.

Ideally, your internal teams work together to lớn support the inbound experience throughout the buyer"s journey, in a seamless way. But in reality, alignment và process inefficiencies lead to friction và a negative experience that your customers ultimately end up going through. Where vì you see opportunities lớn improve?


Generate qualified leads.

Create và manage content, capture leads, và nurture them until they"re qualified và sales-ready.


Turn leads inkhổng lồ customers.

Engage potential buyers, demonstrate the value of your offering, & cthua thảm đơn hàng.


Convert customers into lớn promoters.

Resolve sầu customer issues and deliver an experience that turns customers inkhổng lồ promoters.


Make your systems work better together.

Connect apps, automate processes, and align teams around one source of truth for customer data.

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Gain access lớn the foundational tools you need to lớn grow better—whichever plan you choose.

Learn more about the CRM platform.

CMS HubGrow your business by incorporating your trang web inkhổng lồ your growth machine.

Learn more about CMS Hub.

Marketing HubMarketing automation software with everything you need khổng lồ attract the attention of your target audience, convert that attention inkhổng lồ customers, and analyze và report on your efforts.

Learn more about Marketing Hub.

Sales HubA powerful sales CRM that gives you deeper insight into your prospects, automates busywork, & helps you cchiến bại more giao dịch faster.

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Learn more about Sales Hub.

Service HubCustomer service software that delights users, scales support, & delivers empathy at scale.Operations HubConnect your apps, sync and clean customer data, và automate every process for a friction-không lấy phí business--& customer experience.Chuim mục: Tin tức