Hay day cheats, codes, free diamonds and more


How to lớn spover Hay Day diamonds more profitably is a problem that you need lớn consider carefully as you don't want to waste your rare diamonds. If you have no idea, here are tips for you khổng lồ boost your benefit on Hay Day.

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Tip1: Spkết thúc Hay Day diamonds on machine slots.

One of the most practical uses for Hay Day diamonds is spending it on machine slots, which can make more produce & earn more money or complete orders faster. The maximum slots for each production machine are 9, but you don’t need to lớn unloông xã all slots. Here are some tricks and principles for you.

Triông xã 1:Unlock enough slots khổng lồ produce overnight with Hay Day diamonds

This triông xã has two advantages. First, don’t waste time waiting for hàng hóa production. When you have enough slots khổng lồ work overnight, you can collect them and complete your game goals without waiting. Second, you don’t have to lớn spkết thúc all diamonds on slots. Some products take a long time lớn make, so you don’t need khổng lồ unloông xã all of them.

Trichồng 2:Unlochồng slots of feed mill, bakery, sugar mill và diary first

Need feed mill for animals lớn make food materials. For bakery, sugar mill and dairy products, they can use to make materials for other goods like cakes, pies, hamburgers & more. Therefore, first, unlocking their slots is essential for your farm. If you don’t have enough diamonds to lớn unlochồng all slots for them right now, you could unloông chồng them step-by-step, depending on your need.

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Tip 2: Spkết thúc Hay Day diamonds on the Roadside Shop boxes.

The reason for using Hay Day đá quí on the Roadside Shop bins is khổng lồ sell more items at once lớn earn more coins. If you would lượt thích lớn know how lớn use the roadside siêu thị to lớn make more Hay Day coins, see the roadside cửa hàng part of this guide: The Best Guide of Getting Hay Day Coins for Free

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Tip 3: Spend Hay Day diamonds to make chất lượng products.

Mystery nets, diamond rings và gracious bouquets demvà diamonds.Mystery netsare unlocked at experience màn chơi 30 for catching fish and other prizes in the Hay Day fishing area.Diamonds ringsare unlocked at experience cấp độ 40.Gracious bouquetsare for experience màn chơi 73.

Tip 4: Spkết thúc Hay Day diamonds on anything you want.

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Although we provide the above for you, enjoy Hay Day as you desire, as it is why we play the game. Just play it in the way you lượt thích. Have sầu fun!

If you would lượt thích more Hay Day diamonds without purchasing them, see: The Complete Guides to lớn Free Hay Day Diamonds.