Describe a game or sport you enjoy playing

Do you enjoy playing any games? Here we’ve sầu given some possible answers for your IELTS practicing. 

Question: Do you enjoy playing any games?

Answer 01:

Oh yes, My favorite sports are football and swimming. I like lớn play football with my friends and in my spare time, I love swimming. You know, any sport has endless benefits. I think sports should be an essential part of everyone’s life.

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Answer 02:

Yes, definitely. I really enjoy playing outdoor games. Cricket and football are my favorite sports. These games help me relax and reduce daily găng. Most of the time, I play football và cricket with my friends.

Answer 03: 

Okay, I lượt thích indoor sports more than outdoor sports. My favorite sports are table tennis & indoor basketball. You know these games help me reduce stress & help me get physically fit as well. I recommover everyone khổng lồ vị any kind of sports to lớn get endless health benefits.

Answer 04: 

Of course, I prefer khổng lồ play Clip games. My favorite video clip game is Super Mario Bros. You know, this game is one of the best đoạn Clip games of all time. I play it every day và beat the levels. This game has some amazing features lượt thích its story, graphics, gameplay, etc.

Question: Do you enjoy playing any games?

Answer 05: 

Thể Thao is something that almost everyone loves. I also lượt thích to play a lot. My favorite sport is basketball. I like khổng lồ play with my friends in my spare time. I play basketball, especially on holidays. You know, playing games can keep us fit và healthy. So I always try to lớn play sports.

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Question: Do you enjoy playing any games?

Answer 06:

Definitely yes. I love sầu to play some major games such as Football, Cricket, & Badminton. From these games, I find them interesting & fun. In our country, Cricket is the most popular game. Most of the time I play cricket with my friends. My favorite cricketer is Viral Kohli. I lượt thích these games because they help me to lớn relax và ease out the daily bức xúc.

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