Competitiveness Là Gì

the fact of being able to compete successfully with other companies, countries, organizations, etc.:

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Critical revisions may contribute substantially to the performance improvements needed for competitiveness.

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If that is too high, then competitiveness will be reduced and, unless wages fall, unemployment will increase.
A consensus has emerged that sound management of health care systems makes a significant contribution to the international competitiveness of a country.
The combined effect will be relatively higher real wages and profits in the sheltered sectors, and a fall in international competitiveness.
Globalisation can create new contexts - whether through the development of international markets with new risk patterns or through a reconfiguration of the national competitiveness challenge.
Investigating the precise role of electoral competitiveness in mediating or moderating the relationship between electoral systems and real price levels promises considerable gains.
Such a typology will assist in identifying the institutional arrangements most likely to promote the competitiveness of projects in specific circumstances.
In each accompanying parliamentary contest, the winning presidential candidate managed a majority, but the competitiveness of this body has continued to intensify.
Impact of structural adjustment and adoption of technology on competitiveness of major cocoa producing countries.
This is because with globalization, the emphasis is more on competitiveness, strength and self-sustainability.
The report also identifies ten essential elements of manufacturing enterprise leadership and discusses the importance of strategic alignment for successful long-term competitiveness and business viability.
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Global competitiveness was to be sought by integrating space and time in a cellular and modular manufacturing process.

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An economy-wide social compromise of this type improved competitiveness by creating collective labour market goods that eased market failures in the employment system.
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