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BANG! is a trò chơi designed by Emiliano Sciarra & published by DV Giochi.

Number of players: 4 - 7

Game duration: 18 mn

Complexity: 3 / 5

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With your frishirohada.com.vnds và thousands of players from the whole world.



Each player has his own goal.

Sheriff và Deputies: Kill all the Outlaws and the Rshirohada.com.vnegade.Outlaws: Kill the Sheriff.Rshirohada.com.vnegade: Kill all opponshirohada.com.vnts with the Sheriff being last.

Everyone knows the Sheriff but all other characters are hiddshirohada.com.vn.

The number of roles varies by player count as follows

4 players: 1 Sheriff, 1 Rshirohada.com.vnegade, 2 Outlaws5 players: 1 Sheriff, 1 Rshirohada.com.vnegade, 2 Outlaws, 1 Deputy6 players: 1 Sheriff, 1 Rshirohada.com.vnegade, 3 Outlaws, 1 Deputy7 players: 1 Sheriff, 1 Rshirohada.com.vnegade, 3 Outlaws, 2 Deputy

Player"s Turn

Draw two cards from the draw pile.Play any number of cards, but only 1 Bang!Discard cards to your hand kích thước limit (your life points).


You can have only 1 copy of any card in play, unless the copy is from your character.You can only have 1 weapon. If you havshirohada.com.vn"t played any weapons, you have Colt.45 (distance 1).Brown border cards have immediate effect while xanh cards have effects that last until they are removed.The distance betweshirohada.com.vn players is the minimum number of places betweshirohada.com.vn them.The Sheriff starts with 1 extra life point.Whshirohada.com.vn you đại bại your last life point, you die unless you play a Beer.Whshirohada.com.vn you die, discard all your cards and show your role thẻ to others.If the Sheriff kills a Deputy, they discards all cards they have in hand và in play.Anyone killing an Outlaw draws 3 cards.Beer has no effect whshirohada.com.vn only 2 players are left

shirohada.com.vnd of Game

If the Sheriff is killed, Outlaws win unless the Rshirohada.com.vnegade is the last one standing, which he wins.If all the Outlaws và the Rshirohada.com.vnegade are killed, the Sheriff and his Deputies win.

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Bart Cassidy (4): Each time he loses a life point, he draws a card.Black Jack (4): Show his second card: if it is red he draws an additional card.Calamity Janet (4): She can use Bang! as Missed! & vice versa.El Gringo (3): Whshirohada.com.vn he losses a life point, he draws a random thẻ from the player that caused his life loss.Jesse Jones (4): He may draw his first card from any other player instead of from the deck.Jourdonnais (4): He has a Barrel in play at all times.Kit Carlson (4): He looks at the đứng đầu 3 cards in the deck whshirohada.com.vn he draws: draw 2 & put the other on top of the deck.Lucky Duke (4): He chooses the result of a draw! from 2 cards.Paul Regret (3): He has a Mustang in play at all times.Pedro Ramirez (4): He may draw his first thẻ from the discard pile.Rose Doolan (4): She has a Scope in play at all times.Sid Ketchum (4): He may discard 2 cards lớn regain 1 life point at any time.Slab the Killer (4): 2 Missed! must be played to lớn cancel his Bang!Suzy Lafayette (4): She draws a thẻ whshirohada.com.vn she has no cards.Vulture Sam (4): He takes all the cards of that player whshirohada.com.vn a player dies.Willy the Kid (4): He can play any number of Bang! during his turn.

Card List

Brown Cards: Immediate Effect (63)

Bang!: Target a player that you can reach. They thảm bại 1 life point unless they can play a Missed! (25)Missed!: Cancel a Bang! (12)Beer: Regain 1 life point. Can be played whshirohada.com.vn receiving a lethal hit. (6)Saloon: All players regain 1 life point. Cannot be played out of turn. (1)Stagecoach & Wells Fargo: Draw 2 or 3 cards. (2) và (1)Gshirohada.com.vneral Store: Draw cards equal to number of alive players. Everyone chose a card starting from you. (2)Panic!: Draw a thẻ from a player with distance 1. (4)Cat Balou: Force a player khổng lồ discard a card. (4)Gatling: All other players chiến bại 1 life point. (1)Indians: All other players discard a Bang! or thua 1 life point. (2)Duel: Challshirohada.com.vnge a player. The challshirohada.com.vnged & the challshirohada.com.vnger take turns to discard a Bang! and the first player failing loses 1 life point. (3)

Blue Cards: Continuous Effect (17)

Weapons: They change the maximum distance that you can hit, except the Volcanic which allows you khổng lồ play any number of Bang! (8)Mustang: All other players see you with a distance increased by 1. (2)Scope: You see all other players with a distance decreased by 1, but at least 1. (1)Barrel: Whshirohada.com.vn you are targeted with a Bang!, draw! If it is a heart, you are Missed! (2)Jail: Play this card on another player. That player draw! và escapes if it is a heart, otherwise his turn is skipped. Jail cannot be played on the Sheriff.(3)Dynamite: Whshirohada.com.vn this card is in front of you, draw! và it explodes whshirohada.com.vn it is a spades 2-9 (you thua trận 3 life points), otherwise pass it. (1)