How To Build Capheny — Experiment #524

Capheny is the most broken thing in AoV ever, và lớn balance her they will have lớn reduce everything by 25%

Seriously who tested that? The dps in quick shot mode is unreal và the late dmg from hard hitting mode can two shot ppl in aoe. It literally is a better Violet. As soon as she appears on the bản đồ, I die.

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Btw her ult is just a better Kahlii ult. A much better. A broken. She is like a mage và a marksman at once. Mages are bot going to be needed anyone... (let’s just hope the next patch can cure the braindead hero meta)

Nah shes not broken, shes more fragile than tel annas. She's only dangerous when she gets fed if she falls behind shes lackluster.

Yes this is the concept of a marksman. But just because you can’t handle that, it doesn’t mean others can’t either. Sure if you destroy her in the early game, you can snowball khổng lồ victory, but the point of playing a game is that this is not always possible.

How “strong” capheny is is hugely dependent on how skilled the player playing her is. I played a lot this weekend and the only capheny I encountered that was carrying the game và not feeding was a frikết thúc of mine who is a good player in general and could have done the same thing with Valhein, tel Anna’s or any other marksman. The same thing goes for many other “broken” heroes. Most of them require actual skill and people who have sầu the skill lớn play them would be able khổng lồ achieve sầu similar results with other heroes as well.

However, if you still think she’s that over powered, just buy her and use her yourself. We will see if you still think the same afterwards or if you kết thúc up feeding like 90% of caphenies right now.

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Oh I did buy her. This is the main reason, why I think she is op. Marksman usually is my worst role (because I never play it, it’s boring) but this is just too easy.

Capheny's ult is insanely broken strong.

Only thing a can feel from dev team that they try to lớn balance this nhân vật is low HP và limited range in hitting mode.

However, I only need to cast a perfect ult in a team fight, then my damage are huge enough khổng lồ kill fragile anh hùng.

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The main reason why she is op, is her insane dps combined with the ability lớn move while doing damage. If you don’t stun her, you can’t kill her. This makes it really cancerous to play against. Btw she is perma banned in EU.

Hmmmmmmilimet ive sầu never struggle against her..........maybe because i always focus her when playing murad


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