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It has been several weeks since the epic battle between All Might and All For One in episode 10 and episode 11 of Boku no Hero Academia Season 3. Although the fight was over, its echo is still lingering within everyone’s heart. But more importantly, it is foundation for a new era, and more evil secrets lurking in the shadow. Despite his defeat, All For One’s threat does not seem to be over. This evil guy with insane Quirk must have been planning something. And at that faithful day, the epic clash between One For All vs All For One will definitely re-appear someday. Yet until that day, let’s collect ourselves and see what do we know about these 2 Quirks so far – the two most powerful, and most mysterious Quirks in My Hero Academia.

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Table of Content:1. All For One2. One For All3. One For All vs All For One: Which Will Win?

1. All For One


All For One is the Quirk of the mysterious “Symbol of Evil” of the same name – All For One. Not much have been known about this evil boss, including his true identity. According to All Might, it was said that All For One was an evil man with an unique Quirk – All For One which allows him to steal other people’s Quirks. If we think about the Quirk’s name a little bit, it actually represents the whole idea of being selfish and egoistic, fitting of a villain.

Currently the All For One is still the owner of the Quirk after all these years, while One For All Quirk has already passed on 8 generations. His lifespan is longer than anyone else thanks to a Quirk he stole called Longevity. That said, there are hints implying that All For One is planning to give this Quirk to his successor Tomura Shigaraki.

All For One Power

As mentioned, All For One Quirk allows All For One to steal Quirks by putting his hand on the target’s head. Because of this “unfair” ability, All For One has become extremely powerful as he controlled and had experiences with many sort of powers. As for the victims, they often fall into comatose state after their Quirks gets stolen.

Aside from stealing Quirk, All For One Quirk can also grant Quirk to anyone else. However, people who are not capable often fall into mindless state in which they could not think or do anything by themselves. Later on, these people are experimented, twisted into the abominations called as Noumu (or Artificials Human). These beings cannot think nor do anything for themselves and the only thing they can do is to follow their master’s order.


Noumu the mindless Artificial Human (Source: Internet)

The final ability (and also the scariest thing) of All For One Quirk is combining different Quirks to form a new devastating technique. To be real, this ability is more like All For One’s after years of experience with many, many Quirks he possessed. Thanks to his vast knowledge and experience, All For One totally become an insane force to meddle with.

2. One For All

Power of the “Symbol of Hope” (Source: Internet)

Supposedly this Quirk should be introduced first, but, we decided to put this one after All For One Quirk due to its unclear power.

In Boku no Hero Academia Season 2, All Might explained that One For All was actually a combination between 2 Quirks: one with the ability to stockpile power and one with the ability to pass on Quirk to anyone else. Originally, it came from a supposedly Quirkless person, who was also actually All For One’s brother. Back in the day, the brother did not agree with All For One’s evil deed. And for some reason, one day All For One decided to give his “beloved brother” a gift – the Quirk of stockpiling power. But unknown to All For One, his brother actually had a Quirk which allowed him to pass this Quirk to other person. And while it did sound useless, after the brother received stockpiling-power Quirk, these two Quirks combined and mutated into what we know today as One For All.


The birth of One For All (Source: Internet)

With this newfound Quirk, the brother did try to defeat All For One, yet all of his efforts failed. Aware that he himself could not defeat All For One, the brother decided to pass One For All to his successor with hope that later generations could finally did the thing he could not. And true, All Might – One For All’s 7th generation – successfully defeated All For One not once, but twice, although both battles gave him grievous injuries. Currently, All Might totally loses One For All, making Izuku Midoriya the only user of All For One and also its 8th successor.

One For All Power

Again, All Might explained that One For All is a Quirk of passing-on and stockpiling power. After the failure of All For One’s brother, he decided to give this Quirk to his successor. The cycle has kept going on and on until All Might the 7th successor who managed to defeat All For One. One For All’s stockpiling power ability was vaguely described. In short, it was “simply” tapping into a stockpiled source of power and gained unimaginable strength.


Plus ULTRA!!! (Source: Internet)

In case of All Might, when using One For All his entire body got buffed up (like the Hulk) and he also gained tremendous physical power. All Might in his hero form was so strong, so powerful that he could even change weather with his punch. He is extremely fast, extremely strong, and extremely agile. One prime example was when he fought with the Noumu in Boku no Hero Academia episode 12: At that time All Might had to pull out hundreds of punches and even went beyond 100% to finally defeat the Noumu. But this after All Might’s first battle with All For One who gave him grave injury. If it was his prime time before that first battle, All Might could have defeated Noumu with just 5 hits. This means All Might with All For One at his prime was actually much, much more insane than what he showed in current time.

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Izuku vs Todoroki (Source: Internet)

In case of Izuku, due to his current body limitation and inexperience, Izuku could only use 8% of One For All. But even so, his power was already incredible. During his fight with Todoroki in U.A. Sports Festival Arc, Izuku can launch a devastating shockwave which can destroy Todoroki’s ice from miles away with a single finger snap. Of course, his current power is nowhere near All Might, but he has all potential to even exceed All Might someday.

One For All Theory

Now this is the main reason why we put One For All after All For One Quirk. The thing is: we don’t really understand how this Quirk works. Again, All Might could only explain that One For All allows user to tap into a stockpiled source of power, giving them tremendous power. “Stockpile” often means saving something accumulate it over time. So basically the idea is that One For All accumulates all the power from every single successors and form a tremendous power source. Based on this explanation, that means All Might had the power of his own, plus all 6 previous successors, or rather, power of 7 grown people. But could power of 7 grown people be so powerful that it could even change weather?

Many fans have been trying to figure out what this Quirk is really about. And so far, there have been so many different ideas. Some people speculate that One For All stockpiles not only the power of previous users but also their Quirks. However, this speculation does not clarify why this stockpiled power source was so tremendous. If it was about stockpiling Quirk then why there was no sign of other Quirks? Based on All Might’s performance, all he did was buffed up his body and gained tremendous strength. He could not fly, nor breathe fire, etc…

Other people believe that One For All’s true power was not stockpiling power but actually removing limit of the user. To certain extent, this theory did make sense because it could explain why All Might could gain so much power. Considering his physical prowess, it must be much, much more powerful than the strength of combined 7 grown people. Not only that, during his fight with Noumu, Izuku recognized that All Might was using 100% of his strength and in his last hit, All Might had to go beyond 100%. This strongly implied that All Might could go beyond his 100% One For All limit. And if that 100% was entire One For All’s stockpiled power, this means One For All did not simply stockpile power but also, allows user to break his/her own limit to strengthen One For All.

That being said, it can also be explained that All Might’s 100% was actually his own limitation. He did not tap into 100% of One For All. In addition, if this stockpile-power ability had this much potential, why All For One gave it to his brother? Maybe, just maybe, All For One wanted to transform his brother into his loyal tool? It was highly possible since All For One himself must know about his Quirk.

There is a possibility that All For One did not aware of this stockpile-power ability at his early years. As we know, stockpiling power means it needs to accumulate over time to truly become powerful. For this reason, All For One might believe that this power was not suitable for his conquest since it required so much time. This does make sense since it took dozens of years, maybe even hundred, for One For All to stockpile enough power to defeat All For One (All Might the 7th successor in this case). So from All For One’s perspective, it might just be quicker for him to steal other people’s Quirks rather than waiting years for this stockpile-power to truly become strong. Furthermore, if he could break his brother’s mind by giving this stockpile-power Quirk, doesn’t it mean All For One would have a powerful minion whose power grew over time? If that was truly All For One’s intention, it could also explain why he despised his brother, not just because his brother fought against him but also he suddenly made his brother a dangerous enemy.

But in the end, all of those were just speculations. Probably someday we will get some further explanations but for now, all we can do is waiting.

3. One For All vs All For One: Which Will Win?

If we just based on the battles between All Might and All For One (which are basically the only 2 fights between One For All vs All For One we knew), One For All clearly wins against All For One. But, this was not the entire story.

In fact, back in the 1st generation, the brother did fight with All For One and he failed. Clearly his power at this time could not stop All For One. Then he passed this Quirk on 2nd successor, yet to no avail. And finally it came to All Might the 7th successor who finally defeated All For One twice.

So here’s the thing: One For All is about stockpiling power, which means it needs time to grow. After 7 generations, One For All finally became a tremendous source of power (proven by All Might) and it even surpassed All For One in terms of pure strength. But what about All For One Quirk? Unlike One For All, All For One Quirk requires combinations between different Quirks to become exceptionally powerful. But this was not a problem for a “Symbol of Evil” like All For One. This evil boss has lived a very, very long life. His scariest arsenal was not All For One Quirk but rather, his rich experience and knowledge. This allows All For One to utilize his insane Quirk to its best. The longer he lives, the more Quirks he can steal and experiment. And as the result, we think it’s safe to assume that One For All and All For One are equal in terms of strength.

One For All is a power which requires times to stockpile power and a strong, capable user, while All For One requires knowledge and experience of different Quirks to use them to their fullest. Both Quirks become insanely power with times and possibly equal in strength. Remember that although All Might did defeat All For One twice, both battles gave him serious damages: the first battle limited his capability of using One For All, and the second one ripped off his One For All Quirk for good.

At their prime, we can say All Might was stronger than All For One, or One For All was more powerful than All For One Quirk. But since their time was over, who knows? Izuku and Tomura will finally face each other one day and we can’t say for sure what will happen. But for now, thank you and stay tune for more news in the future!

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