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Later this year, the company will introduce a price platkhung for its trang chủ insurance contracts, and will align all its prices.

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align sth with sth More scientific methods of aligning boardroom pay with shareholder returns are needed.

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The manufacturing processes, whether designed for cost efficiency, speed, or chất lượng are in alignment with company objectives.
The authors suggest that representations from one participant"s head are aligned directly with those from the other participant"s head.
During lignification, phenyl rings of lignin precursors align to lớn the celluthua trận molecule surfaces in a controlled & ordered process.
In this history, epistemologies & styles of political philosophy have sầu aligned differently at different times.
Then the robot is commanded lớn align the surgical tool khổng lồ the planned surgical tool path & lớn reach the tumor targets.
The flow is exposed to lớn a unisize magnetic field which is oriented perpendicular khổng lồ two duct walls và aligned with the non-conducting cylinder.
Like other quotations in the score, the quotation from the book aligns otherwise unaligned episodes & characters.
I aligned the metrical sequences obtained from the traditional repertoire against this tune to lớn establish yet another parameter for metrical fit.
The horizontal dashed lines have sầu been aligned with the intersections of the 520and 650-nm lines & the four spectral-sensitivity functions.
I align with the latter view - history has witnessed the flourishing of many normative sầu systems we now find dubious or even paradigmatically unacceptable.
To this kết thúc, astrocyte cultures have been aligned through exposure to electric fields of physiological strength.
If the conscious ascription of a mental state is necessary for alignment, then people will only align if they perkhung such ascriptions.